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We are proud that MLSN is the first and only Islamic Shariaa Compliant Global Legal solution provider framework.
Mideast Legal Solutions Network (MLSN) is a cross-border professional private practice. We are proud that MLSN is the first and only Islamic Shariaa compliant global legal solution provider framework. By combining leading Middle East lawyers and professional legal advisors with an internationally recognized experience, MLSN gives its clients access to strong teams of specialized tri-lingual (English, French and Arabic) lawyers coming from 1st and 2nd tier international law firms. Our underlying philosophy is the imperative to provide world-class legal consultancy services.
At MLSN, we believe in local proficiency complementing our global outlook, which is why MLSN takes a characteristically local advance in its dedication to the Middle East jurisdictions in which we mainly operate. At MLSN, we have retained, developed and will keep retaining and developing the best lawyers, attorneys , legal consultants irrespective of their religion, race, gender, age, nationality or background and encourage them to train, develop, utilise their experience and share the success.
MLSN provides a wide range of comprehensive and coordinated legal solutions including corporate, Islamic finance solutions, Islamic banking solutions, tax solutions, projects development solutions, privatization solutions, capital markets compliance solutions, oil & Gas solutions, distribution, franchising and alternative dispute resolution. These legal solutions are delivered to MENA-based businesses operating in MENA and GCC, MENA-based organizations expanding overseas and multinational organizations and inward investors with interests in GCC and the wider Middle East region. MLSN provides the full range of corporate/commercial transactional solutions from helping clients establish operations in MENA and GCC via joint ventures, companies, the establishment of branch and representative
offices or by local partnering operations, through to M&A and Private Equity. Whether for top tier international companies doing business in MENA or local companies doing business worldwide, MLSN provides local expertise with global reach and outlook.
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