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MLSN - Business Establishment Solutions
Business Establishment is the best area of practice where our clients can understand why we choose “WE PROTECT YOUR SUCCESS” as a slogan. We protect business success in most of the Middle East, GCC, and North Africa countries where words like Regularities! Supervisory authorities! Local practice! Means a very risky investment.
Our adeptness and expertise in local laws in Middle East, GCC, and North Africa countries. Along with strong relationships with the regulatory and supervisory bodies in the countries where we operate, as well as in those where we work without a permanent office, we provide our clients with perfect business establishment solutions and assist them to navigate paths through local, national, and international rules and regulations. With our global outlook, we understand that our
clients face ever greater challenges and opportunities as the Middle East economies evolve. Our goal is not only to help you establish your business in the MENA but also to offer you the best possible protection to your business and help you achieve the best outcomes for your business.
At MLSN, we see ourselves as your partner, leveraging our practice capabilities and our collective experience to offer you high-quality, insightful and timely legal advice that responds directly to your needs wherever you do business. We provide legal advice to clients in the following areas: Funds Creation: forming and structuring investment and management vehicles, regulatory and tax matters, and advising on investor relations; Funds of Funds: secondary transactions: assisting funds of funds in their investment decisions, acquisitions and portfolio sales; LBO–MBO: acquisitions/disposals, shareholder agreements, side agreements, post-transaction restructuring and exit strategies in JSCs, LPPs and WLLs.
Among our business establishment solutions, we provide legal advice to Management Teams: carry and vesting issues for management teams, portfolio management packages, employee profit-sharing, share-based incentive schemes, acquisitions and sales of management companies going independent; Financing: LBO and mezzanine financing, portfolio growth, investment restructuring and refinancing, target companies’ expansion plans; Venture Capital: acquisitions/ sales, shareholder agreements and side agreements; and, Fund and Corporate Governance: regulatory, best practice and risk management.
We also assist clients in the acquisition of listed securities including by way of tender offers and public to private transactions. MLSN’s Private Equity group has been active, leveraging experience, resources, and knowledge to assist clients in highly specialised private equity transactions. We act for numerous private equity funds, management teams, and investors. We handle all aspects of structuring and operating private equity funds, from the creation of investment structures to the disposal of investments.
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