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MLSN - Capital Markets Solutions
MLSN has accumulated great and deep expertise in providing capital markets legal solutions in Kuwait, KSA and other Middle East and GCC countries.
MLSN’s Capital Markets practice covers all aspects relating to the raising of finance in many capital markets in the Middle East and GCC countries. In addition to the introduction of foreign securities into the GCC markets, MLSN's operation across borders means that we have an integrated team of lawyers worldwide who can provide our clients with legal assistance and additional resources when needed on a global and simultaneous basis. This ensures the local legal expertise and relationships which benefit our client’s base in many capital markets outside, GCC, Middle East and North Africa especially in East Europe and USA.
As a leading participant in MENA capital markets, GCC Stock Exchanges, we are able to pull together lawyers who merge local and industry focus with
international perception and provide practical,integrated legal advice for all our foreign clients in the MENA and GCC capital raising and securities exchange activities.
MLSN's global clients need and deserve to be highly protected against violation of laws and regulations that might occur due to their activities in MENA and particularly GCC Capital markets. The regulations and laws in these markets are very fuzzy and complicated. We provide our clients with legal assistance and legal advice regarding most of the MENA and GCC Capital Markets' and Central Banks' regulations and requirements relating to bulk offering, private placement, disclosure, listing and delisting of both stocks, syndicates, bonds and fund units in addition to legal risk management and risk mitigation policies.
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