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MLSN - Clients
MLSN’s global reach provides us with an excellent prospect to deal with a wide variety of clients.
Our clients include financial institutions, foreign corporations, government entities, individuals, investors, multi-lateral institutions, not-for-profit organisations, private companies, and publicly-held corporations. Our clients belong mainly to categories that do not seek a mere lawyer office or law firm.
Clients come to us seeking professional legal assistance related to significant transactions, and disputes spanning almost every jurisdiction where we are present. With our clients ranging from medium-sized companies to national and international groups and their subsidiaries, we work with clients in a wide variety of industry sectors.
These industries include automotive, banking and financial services, energy and natural resources, construction, consumer goods, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, agricultural processing, hotels, and real estate.
Our clients come from GCC as well as Middle East countries. Clients include corporate, banks and organizations based in USA, South America, Europe and Asia who have businesses or business relations in the Middle East, GCC and North Africa.
Our clients also include many local law firms, based in GCC such as Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia, and international law firms, mainly practicing in USA, Europe and Asia who either seek our cross-border legal assistance or our local legal assistance respectively.
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