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MLSN - IP, IT & Telecomm Solutions
In today’s increasingly knowledge-driven business environment, intellectual property (IP) plays a key role in day-to-day business decisions.
Intellectual property rights include patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret rights. The past few decades witnessed a significance shift towards Intellectual Property legislations. The MENA and GCC countries are not exceptions. The exploitation, protection and enforcement of IP rights, especially in high-tech companies, became a key indicator of a company's measure of success or failure. Our IPT&C Practice Group provides tailored advice to complex legal questions in the areas of Intellectual Property, Technology and Communications. Across our network of offices, members of our IP legal team work together as a closely knit unit. They provide highly expert domestic advice, combined with advice that is fully integrated across multiple jurisdictions, which is a pre-requisite of this area of practice. This is why MLSN is one of the Middle East class trademarks consultants and IP & IT Solutions providers.
Our IP lawyers and counsels provide legal solutions in the following areas:
Commercialising IP & IT rights, which includes copyright, patents, trade marks, anti-counterfeiting & piracy, digital rights management, know-how, confidential information, and trade secrets.
Securing IP rights, such as buying and selling intellectual property rights, auditing IP assets, structuring licensing strategies, negotiating and drafting contracts, advising on joint ventures, advising on competition law, framework distribution and agency agreements.
Advising on regulation, including drafting of national legislation; Disputes relating to breach of contract and IP infringement; Filing and prosecution of registrations.
Enforcing IP & IT rights, by detecting and preventing infringements of rights and using alternate dispute resolution methods and commercial litigation. Also, implementation of anti-counterfeiting programs to mitigate the effect of counterfeiting.
Our clients in the MENA and GCC countries range from start-ups and well-known brands to listed companies, international conglomerates, private equity houses and public bodies. We provide legal advice to domestic and international clients, including IT services providers; Data processing providers; Software developers; Hardware suppliers; Retailers; Furniture design; Toy industry; Manufacturers; Banks and financial institutions; Data providers; Employment agencies; Telecoms and communications providers; ISPs and media; Television companies; Artists and authors; As well as Motion picture producers.
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