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Coming from 1st and 2nd tier international law firms with an internationally recognized experience, MLSN’s tri-lingual (English, French and Arabic) lawyers and legal advisors give MLSN’s clients an access to a local proficiency complemented by global outlook which enables MLSN to take a characteristically local advance in its dedication to the Middle East jurisdictions in which it mainly operates. We continually recruit and develop outstanding legal talent to reinforce our ability to serve our clients and advance their interests in jurisdictions around the Middle East and GCC.
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Sameh Darwish Muhammad Omar As-Sarwy Mohammed Saleh Al-Ali
Sameh Darwish Muhammad Omer As-Sarwy Mohammed Saleh Al-Ali
Managing Partner Regional Managing Partner Partner
s.darwish@mlsnlaw.com m.sarwy@mlsnlaw.com m.alali@mlsnlaw.com
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